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MDB repair tool to repair corrupt Access database

Microsoft Office Access is a relational database management system that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. We are well aware of the basic elementary features of MS Access and know to implement those according to our database requirements. MS Access provides the easier approach of creating small as well as large database in the form of MDB files which enable the users to keep track of the data and update the database as well. The users can easily insert, delete or retrieve data from this form of database whenever required. But, it may be possible that MDB files gets corrupted or damaged by some means. In such cases, there arises a need to use the MDB repair software.


Several issues could be responsible for the corruption of MDB files including interrupted write operation, faulty networking hardware, mismatched versions of Jet Database Engine and many more. These reasons prevent the users to access the MDB files and obstruct the communication. The MDB repair software combines the unique features of repairing corrupted or lost MDB as well as ACCDB files to recover the database. With its smart technologies and result oriented methodologies this tool enables the users to recollect the lost database. This tool never hampers the integrity of the data and carefully extracts all the records including their tables and queries.

With an interactive and user friendly approach the MDB repair tool is easy to install and implement. Due to its easy operation, the users can utilize this software without having any technical expertise. With 100% accuracy this tool recovers all the data including the password protected database files. After recovering the MDB files it displays those files in sequential order so that the users can find out the required data.

The MDB repair tool is compatible with almost all versions of MS Access including MS Access 2010, MS Access 2007, MS Access 2003, MS Access XP, MS Access 2000, MS Access 97, and MS Access 95. Besides, it supports all the operating systems comprising Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, 95 and NT.

Free evaluation version

You can experience the exciting features of Access repair tool by purchasing its trial version and evaluate its performance before buying. The trial version provides the same service as the full version, however, restricts you to save the repaired Access database files. For this, you need to purchase the full version of this tool.

Key features
  • Capable of repairing the lost/ damaged database within few seconds with utmost accuracy
  • Carefully recovers all the data with their original structure and format including query interfaces, field types, indices and data structures like primary keys, foreign keys, auto numbers, etc.
  • Enables the users to restore table data, OLE objects, memo data, table relationships, field size, field type and others
  • Ensure data recovery from password protected database
  • Utilize the Live Preview Technology to display the database file content and structure
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